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Biblical Allusions
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Biblical Allusions in Literature

Research the following:

1.Aaron                                             39.Gideon

2.Cain and Abel                                40.Goliath

3.anathema                                       41.Good Samaritan

4.apostle                                           42.Gospel

5.Ararat                                            43.Holy Grail

6.Ark of the Covenant                      44.Haman

7.Armageddon                                  45.Herod the Great

8.Babel                                              46.House Divided

9.Babylon                                         47.Inherit the wind

10.Balm in Gilead                                       48.Isaac & Abraham

11.Barabbas                                               49.Isaiah

12.Bathsheba                                    50.Jacob

13.Beatitudes                                    51.Jehovah

14.Beelzebub                                     52.Jephtha's daughter

15.Bethel                                           53.Jericho

16.Book of Life                                 54.Jezebel

17.Bread cast upon waters               55.Job

18.Burning bush                               56.John the Baptist

19.Cabala                                          57.Jonah

20.Caiaphas                                               58.Joshua

21.Canaan                                         59.Judas Iscariot

22.Chariot of Fire & Elijah               60.Land of Goshen

23.Coat of many colors & Joseph    61.Land of Nod

24.Crown of thorns                          62.Last Supper

25.Daniel in the lion's den                          63.Lazarus

26.David                                           64.Leviathan

27.Day of Judgment                          65.Leviticus

28.Deuteronomy                               66.Lot & Lot's wife

29.East of Eden                                67.Lucifer

30.Ecclesiastes                                  68.Mary Magadalene

31.Jacob & Esau                               69.Mammon

32.Exodus                                         70.Manna from Heaven

33.Feet of clay                                  71.Massacre of the Innocents

34.Fishers of men                             72.Messiah

35.Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 73.Mount of Olives

36.Gabriel                                         74.Nebuchadnezzar

37.Genesis                                        75.Noah & the Flood

38.Gethsemane                                 76.Olive branch


77.Pearls before swine



80.Potter's Field

81.Prodigal Son


83.Render Unto Caesar


85.Sackcloth and ashes

86.Salt of the earth

87.Sermon on the Mount

88.Seven Deadly Sins

89.Sodom and Gomorrah

90.Solomon's Judgment


92.Thirty Pieces of Silver

93.Turn the other cheek

94.Via Dolorosa

95.Voice Crying in the Wilderness


97.Wages of Sin

98.Wailing Wall

99.Weeping and gnashing of teeth

100.Whither thou goest, I will go.

101. Absalom

102. Adam’s Rib

103. Ahab

104. Apocalypse

105. Apocrypha


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