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On this page I've included links to other web sites that I enjoy. There are also Links to Mythology projects. Have a look around and see what you can find. Just click on the picture to open a new window.

Looking for help in Mythology and just can't find what you need, then try this site and check out its 'Homework Help' section.

Here's a link to the high school's website. You will be able to find phone numbers for the teachers and course information about all classes.
Here's a link to another cool site for those Lord of the Rings fans. Get downloads, see a picture gallery, or take a tour of Middle Earth.

Hey, create your own monster. Go this webpage and follow the instructions. Through dream analysis, you can create a monster that represents a value in today's society.

Creation Stories abound for every culture on the face of the planet. This link will aid you in your search for creation stories. This link is merely a stepping stone to a vast amount of information on the web.

POETRY PROJECT -- This project will walk you through the process of writing and  explicating poetry. Through this site there are many great links to articles and poetry sites.

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Create your own monster

Creation Stories
The Creation of Adamby Michelangelo, circa 1512. Sistene Chapel

Poetry Project

Link to Chris Achilleos' web site