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The Purpose

This class is going to give you the power to better understand the world around you. By understanding the world around you, you will have greater power over it. Having power through understanding, there is nothing you can't have or achieve.


My Goal

My mission is to make a difference in my students attitudes so they will want to learn each day they arrive. I want to make English fun for them so that they gain a love for reading and writing. I want them to have the skills to think critically about the world around them, to understand themselves and others, and feel compassion. But most of all, I want them to be wise and live up to their full potential.

What Happens

You can count on the following things occurring in this classroom :

Journal Writing regarding a topic. It is expected that you write a comprehendible piece that carries significant meaning. It must be legible and understandable. These journals will count as a test grade towards your grade. Journal entries should be minimum of 100 words in length.

90 minutes a week should be devoted to reading a book of your choice. This can be any type of reading that you like. I do request that what you read has substance. Magazines that are mostly ads will not be allowed. Reading counts as an outcome. You will be expected to present one oral critique of a book that you read to the class. (See handout)

Each day I will be going over grammar notes to help you better understand the English language and how it works. These notes should be kept separated and saved throughout the year.

Vocabulary will be covered throughout the course of the semester.

The entire semester is divided into units. Each unit has a specific outcome that must be met. All work done in this classroom relates to those units in some fashion. If you fail to complete an outcome on time, you will have to turn it in during summer school.


You can count on needing the following items everyday:

NOTEBOOK (3 ring binder)                      PAPER                             PEN and/or PENCIL

FOLDER                                       PLANNERor LOG                                      BRAIN

Requirements to Pass

Currently, everybody has an A in this class. However, it is up to you to keep it if you so choose. I can not tell you what grade you deserve; only you can determine what your grade will be. If you wish to keep that A, here are the things that you will need to do well: 1) show up to class every day on time, 2) come to class prepared to work hard, 3) turn in work that is your very best, and 4) respect yourself and others.

Class Expectations

All students will treat others as they wish to be treated themselves; therefore, there will be no abusive language, threats, intimidation, harassment, or disruptive behaviors. I ask that everyone treat others with the same amount of respect that is due to you. I will not accept any work that is forged, copied, or plagiarized. I only accept that which is your best effort. Since the units have to be completed in a specific amount of time, no late papers will be accepted!



English is a required course in order for you to graduate. The English Department has outcomes that must be passed with at least a 70% grade or better. If you fail to pass an outcome with at least a 70%, you will not receive credit for this class. This class is also a weighted class. That means that there are assignments in this class that have more power and are worth more towards your grade. OUTCOMES (papers) are 70% of your grade. This is the majority of your grade. TESTS, HOMEWORK and ATTENDANCE are worth 30% of the remaining grade. However, tests are worth double. There may also be major projects that will also be worth double the points. Also, all outcome papers will be read aloud in class. No exceptions! Therefore, please check and read your paper aloud before you turn them in.

Attendance Policy

Each student will receive 6 days a semester for absences. All absences will count against them, except for school related activities and absences with accompanying doctor’s notes. When a student has accumulated more than 6 a semester, they must take the final examine. If a student has less than 6 total absences, they will be exempt from the final and their semester grade will transfer over for their grade on the final. 3 tardies to class will equal 1 absence. If a student is more than 10minutes late to class, it will count as an absence. If a student is late to class, they will enter quietly and get to work on what ever the class is working on; they will not be a disruption to the rest of the students. If a student reaches more than 10 absences, including tardies, that student will receive no credit for the class and may either take summer school or repeat the class for credit.



I am available anytime after school with an appointment. Students should use ELO on Wednesdays to get futher instructions and reassess work that does not standards.


Email me and I'll respond that day!


If you would like to receive email updates about due dates and projects, please allow me to add your name to my list. Thanks, Mr. Gleichmann

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1st Semester

Narrative Account                                        

Research Paper             Oral Presentation

Explicating Poetry                90 Documented Minutes of Reading/Week

Identification of Literary Techniques

2nd Semester

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Cause/Effect Essay             Poetry              

Oral Presentation

Identification of Literary Techniques 

90 Documented Minutes of Reading/Week