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College Review is a class geared toward those students who wish to further their education beyond high school. Since you have not attended college yet, I feel the name of the class is wrong; you cant review something that you have not already had. Therefore, this class will give a sample of what will be expected of you when you finally attend a college. The expectation that I have of you is equal to that of a freshmen in college. The standards that I expect from you are equivalent to that of a college student. At times you will have to find the motivation to complete your assignments. You will have numerous writing and reading assignments. You will be expected to participate in class discussions and reflect upon the various pieces of literature in thoughtful and coherent ways. This class will prepare you for not only life in college but in the world to which you are expected to be a productive member. If you succeed in my class, you will certainly survive in a college course. Good luck to each of you; I know you will try your hardest and are capable of rising up to the challenge.


My Mission

My mission is to make a difference in my students attitudes so they will want to learn each day they arrive.  I want to make English fun for them so that they gain a love for reading and writing. I want them to have the skills to think critically about the world around them, to understand themselves and others, and to feel compassion. But most of all, I want them to be wise and live up to their full potential.


What You Can Expect to Happen Every Day:

Since this class is going to prepare you for college, you can expect these activities to occur just about everyday.

Journal Writing

Grammar Practice




Note Taking

 What Is Expected of You:

Currently, everybody has an A in this class. However, it is up to you to keep it if you so choose. I can not tell you what grade you deserve; only you can determine what your grade will be. If you wish to keep that A, here are the things that you will need to do well: 1) show up to class every day, 2) come to class prepare to work hard, 3) turn in work that is your very best, and 4) respect yourself and others. In order for this to happen though, you will need to practice many life skills. Those skills include Persistence, Listening with Understanding and Empathy, Questioning and Problem Solving, Applying Past Knowledge, and Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision.


You can count on needing the following items everyday:

NOTEBOOK (3 ring binder)

PAPER (Loose leaf only)
PEN/PENCIL (Blue or Black)




All students will treat others as they wish to be treated themselves; therefore, there will be no abusive language, threats, intimidation, harassment, inciting others to be disruptive, suspendable behaviors, or behaviors that disrupt others. I ask that everyone treat others with the same amount respect that is due to you.



English is a required course in order for you to graduate. The English department has outcomes that must be passed with at least a 70% grade. If you fail to pass an outcome with at least a 70%, you will not receive credit for this class. This class is also a weighted class. That means that there are assignments in this class that have more power and are worth more towards your grade. OUTCOMES are 70% of your grade. TESTS and QUIZZES, HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS, and ATTENDANCE are worth 30%. Tests and quizzes are worth double the point value.


Attendance Policy

Attendance 5 or more absences means that you were out of school for more than two weeks. School policy allows me to not pass you if you have missed that many days. Dont allow absences to get in the way of you achieving any goals that you may have. All work is due the next day after any absence.

Tardiness You will be marked tardy if you are not in the room before the bell or me. You will be marked absent if you are more than ten minutes late. These tardies could lead to being suspended from this class. You will earn 3 pts a day for just showing up. 1 pt if you are late up to 10 minutes. 0 pts if are more than ten minutes late or absent for any reason (except PEX and ACT).


I am available anytime after school with an appointment. Study Buddies is also available every Tuesday and Thursday after school for homework help and other resources.


Email me and I'll respond that day!


If you would like to receive email updates about due dates and projects, please allow me to add your name to my list. Thanks, Mr. Gleichmann