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English 10 Due Dates

On this page you will find many of the due dates for projects, major outcomes, vocabulary, and a variety of other assignments. I will try to keep this page up to date as possible. Check down at the bottom of the page to verify when the page was lasted updated. I hope that information comes in handy as merely a reminder that things need to be turned in in a timely fashion.

The definitions for each unit are due on the following date:

Unit 9 -- Jan 16

Unit 10 -- Feb 3

Unit 11 -- Feb 18

Unit 12 -- Mar 4

Unit 13 -- Mar 18

Unit 14 -- Apr 9

Unit 15 --Apr 23

Remember all outcomes must be passed with at least a 70% score or better in order to receive credit for it. Also remember that when combined together they equal 70% of the entire grade for a semester. By not completing any one of the required outcomes, no credit will be given for the course, which could then be made up in summer school. Please keep in mind that these dates are subject to change at a moments notice depending upon the pace of the class. The first date is the due date for those classes that meet on RED DAYS; the second date is for those classes that meet on WHITE DAYS.

1st Semester

Narrative Account -- NA        Response to Literature -- NA  Controversial Issue Research Paper --                                NA                                                          Oral Presentation -- NA                     Explicating and Analyzing Poetry --                               NA                            1,710 Documented Minutes                                   of  Reading  -- NA Identification of Literary Techniques --                                  NA

2nd Semester

Narrative Procedure -- Jan 30th/31st   Comparison/Contrast Essay --                                   Feb 26th/27th Cause/Effect Essay -- Mar 20th/31st   Poetry -- TBA                                      Oral Presentation of a Creative                            Project -- TBA                   Oral critic of one book -- TBA   Identification of Literary Techniques --             various times during sem.

Last updated 1/29/03