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World Literature Calendar

August 17th thru Sept 1st

Friday Aug 17
Get to Know You activity - type of reader wrk
collected Venn diagrams from summer and Honors essays

August 21st
Student information sheet completed and returned in class
Newletter content - HW have parents sign and return Wed.
What does it mean to be human? - discussed physical and non-physical traits.
Watched an excerpt from "Wild Child" (TLC)
Completed worksheet
Paragraph collected on above question

Aug. 22nd
Seating chart assignments
What is the purpose of stories?
Notes regarding creation stories and cosmic architecture
Definition of religion and myth

Aug. 24th
Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) 30min
Journal topic - What is your expectation of yourself this year? What are you going to do differently this year to ensure your success?
Text set: Oedipus, Synopsis, Definition, Sophocles, Aristotle's Tragic Hero. Took notes and disseminated information for class.
Presented some material to the class.

Aug. 25th
What does a criminal investigator have to do with understanding a text?
How to take notes on a text - limit yourself to 10 words per paragraph, highlight the article, transfer the notes to a sheet of paper. Will collect article and notes on Monday.
Oedipus Rex should be completed on Monday.

Aug. 28th
Grammar pre-test.
collected highlighted article and notes from Friday.
Discussed Socratic Method and expectations.

Aug 29th
Video Clip -- United Streaming:Mod 2; Section B. "Oedipus Rex"
Viewing Guide for video.
Evidence Extract wrk - find evidence from play that supports "plot points" from wrk.

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