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English Outcomes
Prairie View High School's English Department requires that all students pass certain written assignments at a proficient level according to Colorado State Standards. We feel that these "Outcomes" are an essential part of the curriculum. Therefore, we require all students pass these outcomes with at least a 70% grade or better. We also stand by our decision that should a student fail to meet the standards of an outcome, that student will receive a failing grade until such a time as they demonstrate that they can meet the standards. Each student is required to have 4 credit hours of English accumulated to meet the graduation requirements.
Below is a list of all 10th grade English Outcomes. Each is a link to a written description of the assignment.

1st Semester

Narrative Account

Controversial Issue Research Paper

Oral Presentation

Explicating/ Writing Poetry

2 Outside Reading Books

Identification of Literary Techniques

Socratic Seminar

2nd Semester

Narrative Procedure

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Cause/Effect Essay


Oral critique of one book

Oral Presentation of a Creative Project

Identification of Literary Techniques

Response to Literature

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