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Welcome to a brand new year. This is my 15th year teaching. This is going to be an outstanding year. Below are links to classes that I am teaching and have taught. If you can open the page, then I am currently teaching that course of study (RED). If you cannot open a link, then, logic would dictate, I am not teaching that course of study at this time. Each link will open up a course syllabus with links to other valuable information for that course of study.


AP Literature and Composition

Honors Intro. to Lit.and Comp.- Eng. 9





All About Me:
This is my fifthteenth year teaching. I have taughthere at Prairie View since it opened. I previouly taught at Brighton High for ten years. When the opportunity arose to open a brand new high school within the district, I had to take the challenge that very few people ever get to experience. I help out with the theatre program by building sets as the Technical Director. I have also helped with athletics by announcing for volleyball, basketball, and soccer games. I served as the Speech Coach for Brighton High for 6 years, and the Link Crew Coordinator for 8 years. I've helped write and revise the curriculum for a Freshmen Seminar class, which has shown tremedous success. I've also been known to mentor new teachers within the district and have mentored numerous student teachers on their way to becoming professionals. I am currently the English Department's Chair. And finally, I taught summer school English for 7 years. As you can see, I am a man of many hats. When I take on a task that envolves students, I put eveything I have into that endeavor. I am not afraid to make a long term commentment to my students. I have two Bachelor's Degree: one in Theatre and the other in Secondary Education. I have a Master's Degree in Intergrating Technology into the Classroom. AND I am currently working my Doctorate Degree from the University of Denver.


Outcomes will include all major papers and possibly tests or projects. All outcomes must meet a minimum standard. If the minimum standard is not meet, they will receive no credit for the outcome and will fail the course.
Assignments may includes tests, homework, projects, and attendance.

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