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Mythology is an upper level course, which will emphasis all fundamentals of language arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Specifically, we will be studying the Greek and Roman mythologies. From this vantage point, we will look at other cultures and their myths, paralleling and discussing all aspects of myths, legends, and philosophies. The purpose of this course is to give you the background from which many authors pull from in order to understand what is being written and said in todays society.

Requirements to Pass

Currently, everybody has an A in this class. However, it is up to you to keep it if you so choose. I can not tell you what grade you deserve; only you can determine what your grade will be. If you wish to keep that A, here are the things that you will need to do well: 1) show up to class every day, 2) come to class prepare to work hard, 3) turn in work that is your very best, and 4) respect yourself and others.

Class Expectations

All students will treat others as they wish to be treated themselves; therefore, there will be no abusive language, treats, intimidation, harassment, inciting others to be disruptive, suspendable behaviors, or behaviors that disrupt others. I ask that everyone treat others with the same amount respect that is due yourself.

Attendance Policy

  Each student will receive 6 days a semester for absences. All absences will count against them,    except for school related  activities and absences with accompanying doctor’s notes. When a student has accumulated more than 6 a semester, they must take the final examine. If a student has less than 6 total absences, they will be exempt from the final and their semester grade will transfer over for their grade on the final. If a student has a failing grade going into the finals, they must take the final regardless of absences or tardies. 3 tardies to class will equal 1 absence. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class, it will count as an absence. If a student is late to class, they will enter quietly and get to work on what ever the class is working on; they will not be a disruption to the rest of the students. If a student reaches more than 10 absences, including tardies, that student will receive no credit for the class and may either take summer school or repeat the class for credit.



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Zeus and Thetis, by Jean-Auguste Ingres, 1811

Materials needed

Each student is required to have a few items with them at all times while attending this class:

--A folder within which to save all material to be handed in and all material handed out.

--A writing utensil with which to take notes and write love letters amongst classmates.

--A spiral notebook within which to write down the notes given in class as well as to complete the required analogy notebook.

--A brain with which to think and participate in discussions.

--Mythology book



During this class you will be expected to complete numerous projects. Most projects will be worth 70% percent of your grade. All homework assignments, attendance, tests and quizzes are worth 30%. Test and Quizzes will be worth double. If you fail to complete an outcome project or assignment, you will receive no credit for the course.

Velazguez, Diego. The Forge of Vulcan, 1630, Museo del Prado, Madrid


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